About us

Where We Came From

BooLaLa was created out of a love to party and an approaching empty nest. My husband and I would have parties for every holiday... even made up ones. We also would ensure we had costumes, makeup, decorations, and great food, of course, to create the atmosphere of our fabulous parties. There were no expense spared for our parties. As my kids were moving on to college, I figured I better do something with myself. A New Orleans-native (Hollygrove to be exact), the idea for BooLaLa was created to share with the world my love to party, meeting new people, and seeing how far our imagination can take us!

Who We Are

Robbie and her staff share a love of partying, great food, and all the pageantry New Orleans and beyond has to offer. Hope you enjoy your BooLaLa experience.